Neerav Bhatt

Community Spirited, Influencer, Knack for Technology, Environmentalist. Experienced: Journalist, Photographer, Blogger, Librarian, IT Analyst.

Skills & Experience

Neerav Bhatt photojournalist - President Barack Obama Tree Dedication Ceremony at US Embassy Canberra, Australia


Freelance Journalist

Examples of the broad range of topics I have covered for a diverse number of media outlets in print, online, radio and TV segments.

examples of freelance articles


Freelance Photographer (Specialising in Wildlife and Wilderness Travel)

As well as writing about technology, science, business etc I'm also a photographer and have been regularly invited by Tourism organisations (eg: Tourism New Zealand, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, Tourism Western Australia, South African Tourism, Tourism Northern Territory and AirAsia (Bali) to visit their area, take photos, video and write about the wilderness and wildlife. In all cases I have full editorial control about what I say and I do not accept invitations if they are to a place that clashes with my ethics/beliefs.

tourism NZ project


TV & Newspaper Interviews / Media Mentions

  • ABC News interviewed me, Youtube star Natalie Tran and Media buyer Harold Mitchell about why young Australians are abandoning Broadcast TV for internet video and pirated tv shows from overseas networks.

    ABC News 24 TV

    Full length story - News 24 Technology Quarter

    ABC1 7PM TV News

    Shorter version of story - 7PM ABC Weekend News

  • Network 10 TV News

    Network 10 TV News interviewed me and 2 other Australian Professional Bloggers

  • UWS Gradlife magazine UWS Gradlife magazine interviewed me and published the article "Professional Blogger Hits Big Time" on their Frontpage

  • Google News

    Included in Google News as a trusted source of accurate and breaking news

    included in Google News as a trusted source of accurate and breaking news

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